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Las Vegas Case Study

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Southern Nevada Water Issues:

A Focus on Las Vegas





   The fundamental problem in Southern Nevada, especially the area served by Lake Mead, is that water demand continues to increase with no realistic far-sighted plans in place to address this demand. The region naturally receives very little rain, approximately 4.2 inches per year, and relies primarily on Lake Mead for almost all of its water. Las Vegas is also one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, thus driving water usage rates even higher; from 2000 to 2009 Las Vegas’ population grew by 36.5% (usnews.com.) At current use rates and population growth, Las Vegas will soon require more water than is allotted to the state of Nevada. This is a complex problem and its solutions must account for the needs of a wide range of competing stakeholders and a desert-like climate. This website seeks to define the nature of the problem, analyze the role of important stakeholders, and describe goals that must be  achieved if Lake Mead is to be a viable water supply to the region for the long term, describe the current efforts to solve these problems, and finally a review of long term solutions to ensure Las Vegas is able to operate at water-consumption levels at or below its allotment.




Problem Statement


Stakeholder Analysis


Overview of Solutions



Adviser: Dr. Robert Brent 


Logan Kendle


ISAT Senior Class of 2013



Conor Furey


ISAT Junior Class of 2013



Daniel Falterman


ISAT Junior Class of 2013

Tailored to Sustainable Agriculture.


Braden Tanner


ISAT Junior Class of 2013 

Environment; Energy









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