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Tigris and Euphrates Basin

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Brian Nixon



Cara Difiore



Kaneil Zadrozny



Jeffrey Tang, Ph.D.

Semester 1 Project Adviser



Robert Brent, Ph.D.

Semester 2 Project Adviser



Erin Pierce

Semester 1





Problem Introduction:


     The Tigris-Euphrates River Basin is located in the Middle East. The watershed of the two rivers cover roughly 765,000 km2, originating in Turkey, flowing south through Syria and Iraq, and emptying into the Persian Gulf. A major challenge within the Tigris-Euphrates River Basin is the sustainable and equitable management of water resources among these three countries. Upstream infrastructure projects and water withdrawals in Turkey, have caused downstream water shortages in Syria and Iraq. Along with the decreased river head flow, out of date agricultural irrigation practices in Syria and Iraq have increased the need for water management within this region. Managing water while providing it as an equitable resource has been a constant struggle for these countries and this issue is only exacerbated by the arid climate and frequent droughts. In order to understand the background and factors of this water crisis, this wiki discusses the history, political struggles, climate, water usage, and social factors of the region.  The wiki concludes by suggesting a potential solution, explaining how this solution will be implemented, and potential unintended consequences that could result in implementing this solution. 


Final Presentation: FINAL 381 POWER POINT 1.pptx  



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