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Danube Basin

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Water Issues Facing the Danube River Basin





The following website is a record of this group's findings on the major water issues facing the Danube River Basin. After considerable research it was determined that excess nutrients entering the Danube River Basin are leading to a problem known as eutrophication in which excess nutrients lead to low dissolved oxygen levels which decreases ecological health. This problem and its effects will be the focus of this website and a breakdown can be seen below.



                                               Problem                                                  Suggested Solution

                             Geographic Scope
                          Nature of the Problem
                         History of the Problem
                                 Current Status
                     Assumptions and Constraints
                          Goals and Objectives 


                             Treaty Framework Directive

                Stage 1-Cooperation

             Stage 2-Decision Making

Stage 3- Implementation and Enforcement



Contact Information

Jessica Aquilino

Liz Dyer

Jason McNamara

Nicholas Stahl


Final Presentation PowerPoint Slides



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